Women are hot and naughty after the age of 40: Vidya Balan



An interview of Vidya Balan to Filmfare is undergoing a tremendous trend on social media. Vidya has talked about the age of women. This year, Vidya celebrated her 40th birthday on January 1. Balan will be seen along with Akshay Kumar in ‘Mission Mangal’ soon.

Vidya Balan talked about women who had crossed the age of 40 in the interview. Vidya says that women become quite naughty after this age. At this stage, women do not worry too much and try to live life more than before in a special way. Also Vidya Balan also said that after 40, women become hot. “I believe that women are hot and naughty after the age of 40,” says Vidya in the interview, “Yes, generally, before this age, women are a little shy and can not enjoy sex, but at the age of 40 life is most enjoyable. It is much better when you understand and live life in a carefree way.”

These worries were about the age of 20.

“When I was 20, I was upset about my dreams, at 30 I knew myself and I started loving my life after 40. If you worry too much then then there is little left to live life. I am trying to go backwards in life, I try to be serious, and I am forgetting everything to enjoy my life today. There is no weight of any kind on my shoulders.”


Vidya also spoke about her physique in this interview. She said, “I’ve had hormonal problems throughout my life, maybe it is due to these reasons that I have taken care about my body. When I was a teenager, people used to tell me that I have such a beautiful face, why I didn’t lose a little weight. It is surely not a good thing to say it to anyone, be it a child or a grown up person.”

She also said, “I started starving myself, I did a lot of hard and sweaty exercises so that I could lose weight. Hormonal problems were over for a few days but they started again. Gaining weight, then weight lose and weight regain. As much as I remember, this pattern continued. ”

“Many years ago I stopped watching my shots because if I looked at the monitor then did I think that I am looking fat? Now when people say that you do not exercise, then I think that they should tell Go in. How do you know that I have not exercised? You also know how hard I work, do you know what is going on in front of the difficulties. “