Aviation Minister tasks Ghana Airport Company to modify KIA Terminal Three


Mr Kofi Adda (fifth from left) and Mr Darko-Mensah (fourth from right) with the stakeholders.

The Minister of Aviation, Mr Joseph Kofi Adda has tasked the Ghana Airport Company to modify the state of Terminal Three at the Kotoka International Airport to safeguard the security of passengers.

According to Mr Adda, it is not safe for passengers to walk straight into a crowd of people without a tunnel to distinguish between those with goods to declare and those without goods saying, “It is simply not acceptable.”

Mr Adda said this yesterday when he addressed a two-day strategic meeting at Aburi in the Eastern Region on the theme “Aviation-a catalyst for Ghana’s Socio-Economic Transformation”. It was attended by stakeholders from the aviation sector.

The meeting was to develop an action plan which would guide the work of the ministry for the year and ensure that the sector contributes to the development of the country.

He explained that there was no separate route or tunnel to give ‘waiters’ or ‘meeters’ the opportunity to identify passengers as they exit.

This, he indicated was below the global standards of passenger safety and security and, therefore, needed some work to improve the facility.

The sector minister also said there was the need to give a Ghanaian touch to the structure to allow passengers appreciate the Ghanaian culture.

“It is incumbent upon us to add some Ghanaian art and culture such as adinkra symbols and our national colours to both the airside and landside areas of the Terminal Three.

The Minister said the infrastructural development and the quality of services should be competitive and attractive to all airlines, passengers and investors.

He, therefore, urged the authorities to ensure the Terminal Three was safe for passengers.

Mr Adda  urged the airport  authorities  to ensure the Terminal Three  was well maintained  as there  have been  reports on  of broken  chairs, non functioning  escalators and lifts.

He said there was the need for regular monitoring of equipment at the facility to ensure frequent servicing when there is the need.

The Terminal Three, he said, should not be a nine-day wonder but rather the airport should be kept functional and beautiful.


Source: http://ncairways.co/world/aviation-minister-tasks-ghana-airport-company-to-modify-kia-terminal-three/