Battery threat for cricket wristband

Camera IconPeople are being urged to throw away a wristband handed out at cricket matches recently.

Staff reporterPerthNow

Cricket fans are being urged to throw away a promotional wristband handed out at the WACA in 2016 after a child in Queensland reportedly swallowed a button battery.

The wristbands were handed out by Alinta Energy and Cricket Australia to patrons at the WBBL match between the Perth Scorchers and the Melbourne Renegades on December 23 of that year.

Similar wristbands were also distributed at a one day international at the MCG and the recent Test match at the Gabba.

In a statement on its company website Alinta said the wristband contains a button battery that could be swallowed by children.

Alinta is recommending people safely disposing of the wristbands immediately.

The ABC is reporting a a child in Queensland had to receive medical treatment after swallowing a battery from one of the wristbands.

A WACA spokesperson said the organisation had published the notices to ensure that the appropriate authorities and our fans were informed.

“The safety of our fans is our number one priority and we recommend immediately disposing of these wristbands by wrapping in paper and disposing in household rubbish.”