Vivek Oberoi becomes the star campaigner for BJP, biopic on PM Modi to be released

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Advantage BJP

Vivek Oberoi, who acts as Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the biopic ‘PM Narendra Modi’, is among other star campaigners like Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj.

Opposition parties including the Congress, have raised questions on the release of the biopic on PM Modi before elections.

The opposition has alleged the film will give undue advantage to the BJP in electioneering and its release should be deferred till the elections are over.

April 1.

The Bombay High Court said the EC will deal with the release of the biopic. The EC had said the release of the PM Modi biopic does not constitute a violation of the model code of conduct.

RJD MP Manoj Jha said, “The EC is the custodian of free and fair elections. According to them, PM Modi’s biopic does not violate the Model Code of Conduct. No matter what the result of the election, but history will remember this as the weakest election commission.”

Last week, Vivek Oberoi headlined the controversy surrounding the biopic film on the PM Modi. He targeted the Congress, wondering “if they are scared of the film or of Chowkidar’s danda”.

The Congress promptly responded, saying it’s a “bogus film of a flop hero, a flop producer and is made on a flop person who has proved to be a zero.”

While in social media the Congress mentions flop hero, flop producer, etc. But in the Supreme Court, the Congress files a petition seeking to stop the release of “PM Narendra Modi”.

April 9.

People are then left wondering why then the congress approached the court. Is Congress scared of the film?

Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi, representing Congress spokesperson Aman Pawar, could not win the case for his client. He had argued in his petition that the film disturbs the level-playing field; four office-bearers of the BJP are the producers of the film, he had said. The party has alleged that the film’s release close to the national election violates the model code of conduct.

“The movie was driven by little to no artistic inspiration and was instead designed to manipulate, influence and impress viewers and voters in the upcoming elections,” the petitioner had said in his plea. He alleged that the movie is a “propaganda vehicle being timed to release in coordination with the upcoming elections”.

When the bench asked the petitioner whether he had watched the film, Singhvi replied in the negative.

The Supreme Court then summarily dismissed Congress’ petition seeking to stop the release of “PM Narendra Modi” saying “too much of court time is wasted on these non-issues”.

The top court also said that it’s for the Election Commission to decide if the film – scheduled for release on Thursday, coinciding with the start of national elections – tilts the balance in favour of the ruling BJP, as alleged by the opposition Congress.

The Supreme Court said that the petition was “premature” as the film was yet to be certified by the Censor Board. “We, therefore, do not consider it fit to entertain the petition”, a bench comprising Chief justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justices Deepak Gupta and Sanjiv Khanna said.

Vivek Oberoi, who plays PM Modi in the film, tweeted after the court order:

With all your blessings, support and love,today we have won in the Honorable Supreme Court! A humble thank you to all of you and to the Indian juidiciary for upholding our faith in democracy! Thursday 11th April. Jai Hind #PMNarendraModiWins

— Vivek Anand Oberoi (@vivekoberoi) April 9, 2019

Another round won by the BJP

Thus, the BJP surges ahead of its rivals. The opposition now seems clueless. Considering the publicity through biopics, the opposition committed at least three fundamental mistakes:

  • It did not make its own biopic on time,
  • It did not make its rival’s biopic,
  • It tried to prevent its rival showcasing its biopic and failed miserably.

The BJP, on its part, acted smart. It was ready with its biopic on PM Modi at the right time. Earlier, the release of Accidental Prime Minister was no accident. It was a part of well thought strategy.