CAG report on Capital Acquisitions in Indian Air Force tabled in Rajya Sabha

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The NDA’s deal for 36 Rafale fighter jets is cheaper than an UPA-era agreement for 126 planes, according to a CAG report tabled in Parliament on Wednesday.

The Comptroller and Auditor General’s report says the second deal, which is exclusively for planes in a “flyaway” condition, is cheaper by 2.86 per cent.

But the Centre has previously claimed that its deal is 9 per cent cheaper than the first deal.

In the UPA deal, 18 planes were supposed to delivered in a flyaway condition and the rest were meant to made in India by HAL.

Another key difference between the two agreements in the offset clause in the NDA’s, which requires the French jetmaker, Dassault Aviation, to invest in Indian firms.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim that the Rafale deal signed by his government was better than the one prepared during the UPA 2 stands “demolished”.

Rahul Gandhi said this in a tweet in response to a report in The Hindu titled ‘Rafale deal not on better terms than UPA-era offer’, authored by N ram.

In his tweet, Rahul Gandhi said: “The PM defended his personal Rafale bypass deal on two counts : 1) Better price, and 2) Faster delivery. Both have been demolished by the revelations in The Hindu today.”

Earlier, addressing a meeting of the Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP), Rahul Gandhi said, “Congress is defeating the BJP in ideological fight and also in terms of daily discourse.”

He said Congress is the “only party” that speaks for the entire country as a united entity”.

“Unemployment, demonetisation and the Rafale scam have undermined the Modi government’s credibility,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi will also address a press conference today.

Addressing the CPP, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi said: “Bluff, bluster and intimidation have been the governance philosophy of the Modi government.”

She said the Modi government has “brazenly tossed aside truth and transparency”. “Last five years have been a time of unprecedented economic stress and social strain,” she said.

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