Wholesale Price Index based inflation touch eight-month low

India News

In January, retail inflation has reached its lowest level ever since December. According to the figures released by the government, retail inflation was 2.05 per cent in January. Retail inflation was 2.19 percent in December, which was 2.33 percent in November. IIP at the same time was 2.4 percent.

Low inflation.

Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based inflation was at the lowest level of eight months in December by 3.80 per cent. Due to this, prices of fuel and food products are going down. In November, wholesale inflation was 4.64 percent, while in December 2017 it was 3.58 percent.

According to the data released by the government in December, food inflation was 0.07 percent lower whereas deficit in November was 3.31 percent. Similarly, deflation was seen in vegetables too. It was 17.55 percent in December and it was 26.98 percent in November.

Inflation in the fuel and power sector stood at 8.38 percent in December, compared to 16.28 percent in November, almost half of inflation. Due to this, prices of petrol and diesel have come down in December. If they look differently, the inflation in petrol prices was 1.57 per cent in December and 8.61 per cent of diesel prices. This is 6.87 percent in the same LPG.