NBCC seeks exemption from responding to RTI queries from citizens

India News

By Milan Sharma

The National Buildings Construction Corporation (NBCC) is likely to seek an exemption from responding to RTIs from citizens and flat buyers as part of its proposal to start construction of stalled Amrapali projects from February 8.

NBCC is likely to lay down the fresh condition as it is receiving too many RTI queries regarding construction of stalled Amrapali projects.

nbcccIn its list of terms and conditions, NBCC states that it is frequently receiving RTIs from the buyers or others regarding completion, status and other issues.

“It is expected that this may increase manifold as soon as the work (gets) started. NBCC may be exempted to reply to such type of RTIs as the matter is sub-judice at Hon’ble Supreme Court,” it said.

RTI activists said the move is arbitrary on the part of the government-owned corporation.

“Government-owned entities cannot ask for exemptions from the RTI act especially in matters where public money is involved. It is completely arbitrary to work without transparency and public scrutiny even if the matter is sub-judice in court,” said Anjali Bharadwaj, RTI activist.

The Supreme Court had in October last year, appointed NBCC to develop stalled projects of the Amrapali Group.

It had also instructed the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) to sell the unencumbered commercial properties of the estate firm to recover money.

Sources have confirmed that construction will begin on February 8, with total costs around Rs 77.54 crore, with 2,643 homes to be built and handed over.

Currently, only 10 per cent of this amount is required to begin work, sources said.