Nakul Nath has assets worth Rs 6,600 million, contests for Chhindwara LS Seat

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The legacy of the ruling party, Congress, in Madhya Pradesh.

C.M. – Kamal Nath

Nakul Nath son of M.P. CM Kamal Nath had to disclose his income while contesting the LS elections. He seeks to succeed his father as the Chhindwara MP. He filed his affidavit before the election officials in Chhindwara on Tuesday.

It shows that the son is much more affluent than his father. His affidavit shows that he owns movable and immovable assets worth over Rs 6,600.1 million.

That works out to over 500 per cent more than the joint assets of his parents who have a joint worth of Rs 1,240 million as per the affidavit filed by Kamal Nath for the byelection to the Chhindwara assembly seat.

Nakul Nath, a businessman-turned-politician, holds movable assets worth over Rs 6,159.3 million while that of his wife Priya are over Rs 23.0 million.

The value of his immovable assets is over Rs 417.7 million while his wife does not own any immovable asset, as per the affidavit.

The affidavit stated that Nakul Nath’s properties are in his own name and shared through family-controlled companies and trusts. The couple doesn’t own a vehicle.

Nakul Nath has 896.669 grams of gold bars, 7.630 kg silver, 147.58 carat diamonds and stone jewellery worth over Rs 7.845 million while his wife possesses over 270.322 grams gold, 161.84 carat diamonds and stone jewellery valued at over Rs 5.762 million.

However, Priya had more income than her husband in fiscal 2017-18 as his Income Tax Return for 2017-18 shows annual income of over Rs 27.6 million while his wife’s income stood at over Rs 41.8 million.

The affidavit shows Nakul and his brother jointly own a total of 7.82 acres of land in Chhindwara district.

Also according to the affidavit, Nakul Nath has no pending criminal case against him and he has not been sentenced in any case ever.