‘I am the first driver of the state’ Chandrababu Naidu

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In Andhra Pradesh, the Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu arrived in a program wearing an auto driver khaki uniform and surprised everyone. Not only that, he also launched an auto rickshaw and called himself the driver to take the state towards development. The Chief Minister has made tax-free for life for auto rickshaws and tractors in the state.
Hailing this announcement, hundreds of auto rickshaw drivers came to thank him at his residence on Saturday.

‘I am the first driver of the state’

Chandrababu Naidu stood up on an auto and addressed the people. Describing himself as a driver, he said that I am the first driver of this state. I am moving Andhra Pradesh fast towards development.
He stopped the auto in the middle of the crowd and addressed the crowd. He said that in the future, electric auto rickshaws would be brought in the state. Also, preparations for reducing fuel tax are also being made.

Naidu said that the auto rickshaw drivers and tractors in the state have eliminated the motor vehicle tax. This will result in a burden of Rs 141 crore per year on the state. But this decision is in the interest of auto rickshaw drivers.
CM said that the government’s decision will benefit 9.79 lakh auto rickshaw drivers and 5.66 lakh passengers. At the same time, 1.82 lakh farmers have tractors and 1.45 lakh farmers have trailers with them. They will also be relieved of the tax.