Former Interim Director M Nageshwar Rao’s 32-year Career Tainted

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Former Interim CBI Chief M Nageshwar Rao files an affidavit rendering an unconditional apology to the Supreme Court

– In October last year, after the controversy arose between CBI Chief Alok Verma and Special Director Rakesh Asthana, The then Joint Director M Nageshwar Rao was appointed as the Interim Director.
– CBI officer A K Sharma was investigating Bihar’s Muzaffarpur shelter home sexual harassment case
– Joint Director M Nageshwar Rao had transferred the investigating CBI officer A K Sharma

On Thursday, the Supreme Court had summoned former CBI director M Nageshwar Rao while hearing the Muzaffarpur shelter home sexual harassment case. The Supreme Court rebuked Rao in what circumstances he transferred the investigating officer and sent a notice of contempt to him, who violated the Supreme Court order.

On Monday, Rao was produced before the court and he had sought unconditional apology from the court.

In the matter of transfer of CBI officer AK Sharma, former interim director M Nageshwar Rao has sought unconditional apology from the Supreme Court on Monday and submitted affidavit in the Supreme Court.

The affidavit filed by Nageshwar Rao mentions :
– that he accepts his mistake,
– that without the order of the court the Chief Investigation Officer should not have been transferred,
– it is my fault.
– while asking for unconditional apologies, I want to say that I have not intentionally violated the court orders.
– I can not even think of it in my dream.

It is noteworthy that despite the Supreme Court’s stay, on 7 February, the court had reprimanded Nageshwar Rao on the transfer of the investigating officer and said that God can save him now.

M Nageshwar Rao left himself on the mercy of the court. On Tuesday, he had to appear in this case.

A hearing was held in the Supreme Court on Tuesday. The court strongly condemned Rao. The court asked him why he did not seek permission before the transfer. Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi told Rao and prosecution director Dhansu Ram: “Go to a corner of the court and stay there until the proceedings are over.”

The court sentenced Rao, the prosecution director of CBI to stay in custody until the court’s proceedings are over, and imposed a fine of one lakh rupees on him.

The attorney general KK Venugopal appeared before the court on behalf of the CBI and he believed that it was a series of mistakes. Venugopal told the court that he has unconditionally apologized and he did not do it deliberately. Venugopal said, “He has a spotless career for 32 years. Please take a compassionate attitude towards him and accept the apology.”

During the hearing, the Supreme Court said that Rao and the Law Officers of the CBI  did show contempt of court. The court said – ‘His attitude has been: ‘I did what I had to do.’ Unauthorized transfer of the Investigation Officer: Is this is not contempt?

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said, “The contempt of the court order has been committed. This will be a taint on his (Former Interim CBI Director M Nageshwar Rao) career. ‘

At the end of the day, Former Interim CBI Director M Nageshwar Rao)  32-year long career did record a series of serious negative remarks, but the chief culprits of the Bihar’s Muzaffarpur shelter home sexual harassment case have still not been caught.

The general public following the Muzaffarpur shelter home sexual harassment case are left wondering : “While a punishment, a career taint are acceptable to a former interim CBI Director, the culprits in the case should not be exposed.’ What a case it has been!