Lok Sabha Elections 2019: All you need to know about Mamta Banerjee

India News

Latest statements from Trinamul Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee:

  • Equates the BJP with a “danger of 440 volts”,
  • Directly accuses  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP of mentally torturing her party MP Sultan Ahmed to death nearly two years ago,
  • She alleges that Mr Modi and his party tortured many people some of whom failed to tolerate the agony.

The West Bengal chief minister’s such explosive allegations against the PM during her Lok Sabha Election campaign reflect the mood in the TMC camp which has put the voters in a state of awe. Most of them have started saying that Mamta Di has accepted defeat. The surge of support which the PM got in Varanasi a day earlier has left Mamta Banerjee and other opposition leaders in a state of shock.

Ahmed was the two-time MP of Uluberia Lok Sabha constituency. He also became minister of state for tourism during the UPA-II government at the Centre. On September 4 in 2017 the Trinamul MP died after suffering cardiac arrest at his residence. The 64-year-old was one of the dozen Trinamul leaders including his MLA brother Iqbal Ahmed, accused and booked in the Narada sting operation case. Mr Ahmed also had faced marathon grilling by the CBI.

Banerjee alleged, “Sultan died although he was not old enough. But there are mental torture sometimes. The BJP has tortured not a few persons only. Mr Modi has also subjected not only a few to mental torture. Some can tolerate it while others can not. Sultan then failed to tolerate and he died. When I visited his residence after some time of his death, I came to know that he received such a call following which he went to bathroom but he did not come out.”

She claimed, “Though his family members did not go to court and file any case, I asked them why they were doing it. Iqbal in fact loves his elder brother like Ram-Lakshman. He broke down at that time. So he could not do anything. I know there are many deaths which appear to be natural can be shown as natural although these happened in unnatural circumstances. Anyway there is more need to speak about the past afresh.”

Banerjee earlier lashed out at the BJP at another rally in Pandua of Hooghly. “BJP is the danger to the country. Do you know 440 volts? Danger is written on 440 volts. They (BJP) are the 440 volts against the country’s unity,” she told the crowd.

Countering Mr Modi’s complaint of rampant violence in the state the Trinamul chief argued, “It is a shame to hear a PM lying so much. But he does not feel ashamed. Those who have started their journey with rioting now are claiming that the men in Bengal can not return home while their mothers cry. Is it so mothers? Can’t your sons and daughters return home? I am asking you. Is it true what Mr Modi is alleging? I have not prompted any of you. If it is true then say: Yes. If it is not then say: No.”