Kerala govt disrespects India’s culture, gender justice: PM Modi on Sabarimala row

India News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lashed out at the CPI(M)-led government in Kerala over the Sabarimala issue, saying that the Communist government is trying to disrespect India’s culture and gender justice. Modi also asked why the CPI-M was undermining our culture.

Speaking against both the ruling CPI-M led government and the Congress-led opposition in Kerala, Modi said the Sabarimala issue has shown the people of the state how the cultural ethos of Kerala were destroyed.

“The Sabarimala issue was watched across the country and saw the way the CPI-M was disrespecting all aspects of Kerala’s culture. Unfortunately, the cultural ethos of Kerala is under attack. It’s been done by a party which is governing the state. Why is the CPI-M undermining our culture?” asked Modi addressing a mammoth rally of his party workers in Thrissur.

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Slamming the United Democratic Front in Kerala, Modi said that it is no different than the Left government in the state as it says one thing in Delhi and another in Kerala. “None of these two parties have any respect for gender justice,” Modi said.

Modi also urged his party workers to work to save the culture of Kerala and to help build a new India and a positive India. PM Modi also termed as the ‘biggest joke’ the Congress and Left parties talking about democracy.

Dubbing the opposition as a “corrupt house”, PM Modi said in the last four years, people in Delhi have made him a “chowkidhar” and he won’t allow any kind of corruption as long as he is in Delhi.

“As long as I am there in Delhi, I will not allow any kind of corruption and will not allow the nation’s unity and integrity to be destroyed,” said Modi. He said the opposition should not create hurdles in opportunities for the youth.

“My friends in the opposition are bankrupt when it comes to development of the nation. All they have is hatred against Modi. Their day begins by abusing Modi and ends by again abusing Modi. All I wish to tell them is ‘you may abuse me, but please don’t mislead the farmers, youth and the poor’ and don’t destroy the great nation and its progress.”

Poking fun at the proposed grand alliance or mahagathbandhan ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Modi said that the opposition parties were coming together over fear of getting caught for corruption.

Modi said the Centre’s action against corruption has created a fear in the minds of people all across the country. “All those who used to make money from government contracts are facing the music now, which is they were all coming together to remove ‘this watchman’,” he said a public rally in a reference to himself.

PM Narendra Modi also accused the Congress party of destroying institutions such as the CBI, armed forces, police, CAG and even the Election Commission as, he said, all these organisations are wrong for them, while they [Congress] are right.

Referring to the London Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) hackathon and senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal’s presence in the event, he said, “Recently, the entire nation was amused to watch a press meet on foreign soil which was one that hit badly at the democratic ethos of our country, when the Election Commission came under attack. Seen was a ‘top-most leader’. They even undermine our nation on foreign soil.”

The Congress party will have to answer for this, Modi said.