Sibal Assumes That Congress Will be Voted to Power in 2019

India News

Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Sunday issued a warning to all government officials working under the Modi administration that they are being watched for their excessive “loyalty” towards PM Modi.

Sibal alleged that Comptroller and Auditor General Rajiv Mehrishi was ‘implicit’ in the Rafale fighter jets deal, and made a veiled threat to officials, saying those trying to show “loyalty” to Prime Minister Narendra Modi were being “watched.” Congress has claimed that Mehrishi cannot act against himself as there lies a conflict of interest in doing so.

Addressing the media, Sibal said, “Officials should know that elections come and go, sometimes we are in Opposition and sometimes we are the ruling party. We will keep an eye on all government officials who are over enthusiastic and are trying to show loyalty to the PM. They should remember that Constitution is bigger than anything.”

Over the past several months Congress and other opposition parties have frequently accused the Modi government of disrupting India’s democratic fabric and the institutions that make it a democracy, like the CBI, RBI and Supreme Court.

Observers comment that Kapil Sibal has already assumed victory in 2019 general elections. The final result is, though, still 2335 hrs away at the time of writing this. On the other hand, the bureaucracy seems to bear patiently both the ruling and the opposition parties while in service at any given time.

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On Friday, Sibal has said that several institutions, including the Governor’s office, vice chancellors of universities and the media, have come under attack under the NDA regime led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi