Terrorists Threaten to Hijack Aircraft

India News

The security of all the airports in the country has been increased after Air India’s Mumbai Control Center received  threatening calls to hijack aircraft on the phone on Saturday. The Civil Aviation Security Bureau (BCAS) has ordered all airlines and CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) to take special steps to ensure safety. Prior to boarding the aircraft, extensive investigation of the passengers and car parking in the parking lot is being carried out.

“The Air India Airport Operation Control Center of Mumbai was threatened to hijack Air India aircraft on February 23, 2019 on the telephone,” the Bureau said in the note on February 23. After this, high alert has been issued to all the Airports. All Airport Security Unit / Aviation Security Group and all the air operators have been instructed to ensure safety measures with immediate effect.

According to the note, these measures include strict entry control during entry of terminal buildings, air side, all operational areas and other aviation facilities, intensive investigations of passengers, employees and visitors, cargo, cargo terminal, catering, mail etc. , Monitoring of CCTVs in places around the terminal building and operating areas.

The suicide attacker of Jaish-e-Mohammed Adil Ahmed Dar, who had made a suicide attack on the convoy of CRPF on February 14 was a C category terrorist in the list of the intelligence agency. That is, he was considered very less deadly. The biggest reason for the weakening of human intelligence in Pulwama was Adil getting out of the radar.  In the last five years, Pakistan has carried out several offensive attacks on indigestion informers.

Now, the security agencies, therefore, do not want to take any chances. Every fake call has to be seriously taken.