362-Seat Central Hall at Bihar Legislative Assembly Building Inaugurated

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  • The central hall has 3 floors and 120 rooms, a library has also been made
  • As per Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, the purpose of this Central Hall is for the Members to rise above party lines and interact with one another in a matured way.

Patna. For the first time in Bihar,  at the Bihar Legislative Assembly building,  a Central Hall has been constructed on the lines of the one at the Parliament. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated it on Wednesday. This hall has a seating arrangement of 362 people. It has three floors and 120 rooms.

The work to build it started in 2010. It has chambers made for the Chairman of the Assembly, the Vice Chairman, the Chairman of the Legislative Council, the Deputy Chairman, the Chief Minister and the Ministers. There are separate rooms for all the committees. There is also a chamber for its chairman. A library is also built in the building.

Nitish said – Looks like Parliament

Chief Minister Nitish said, “It is a matter of great happiness that the Central Hall has been duly inaugurated today, when I was a Member of Parliament, during that time the concept of Central Hall of Parliament was in my mind. The furniture has been made very strong and beautiful as well. ”

“MPs in Central Hall of Parliament, former MPs sit and talk together, senior journalists also come in. Irrespective of the differences in views and opinions of opposition and ruling members inside the House, they meet in the Central Hall with an open mind, hug each other and laugh. It does not seem that there is any bitterness between them or they were arguing against each other in the House a little while ago. It is typical of the central hall, that the atmosphere is always cordial. ”

“We would like to see the similar environment in the Central Hall of the Bihar Legislature, where people meet with love in the same way, laugh. There will be food and food arrangements, so that there is no discomfort of any kind. All the facilities needed are taken care of. Further changes will be made.”