Facebook Shocks Congress, Deletes its 687 Fake Pages

India News

Lok Sabha elections are just round the corner; every political party is busy with all its might so that there is no core job left this time. But just 10 days before the elections, the Congress has suffered a major setback.

Social media giant Facebook has taken some bold steps before the general elections in India.

Facebook has removed 687 pages associated with Congress and has been reported by International news agency Reuters. Facebook has argued that incorrect information is getting viral from these pages and fake contact with people is also being made. These 687 pages have been removed with automated system, because such fake pages were misleading people.

Facebook has claimed that it has removed pages linked to the Congress party and Pakistani military personnel from its platform.

Facebook said that the 687 pages and accounts associated with the Congress party have been removed. In addition, he has also deleted 103 accounts related to the Pakistan Public Relations Department.

Perhaps for the first time Facebook has removed pages linked to any major political party. Facebook has made it clear that these pages have been deleted due to their unprofessional information rather than the content published in them. Facebook has found in its investigation that people created fake accounts and spread the content by connecting with different groups and working to increase connectivity with the people. In addition to local news in these feeds pages, the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were also criticized.

Congress has more than 300 million users. But the investigation has revealed that people have spread their content and post using fake accounts, so many groups have been duped. In this way, before the elections, a large number of pages have been deleted. The Congress party president Rahul Gandhi, thus gets a major setback.

This time between 11 April and 19 May, elections will be held in seven phases for Lok Sabha elections.

Voting for the first phase of Lok Sabha elections on April 11 The voting process will conclude on May 19 in 7 phases. After this, the counting will take place on May 23, 2019.