ET 5G Congress: Huawei India CEO says high spectrum costs a big challenge

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Huawei India CEO Jay Chen is confident the Narendra Modi-led government will come up with solutions to overcome critical challenges around high spectrum cost and network security even as the country prepares for another airwaves auction in the run up to going 5G.

“India is at a similar moment that China was some 30 years ago, when (Chinese leader and reformer) Deng Xiaoping had said it’s important to catch the opportunity for the interest of the next generation, and I believe PM Modi has the wisdom to similarly tap the right opportunities to address these challenges and transform the telecom industry as it braces for 5G,” Chen said ET Telecom’s 5G Congress Thursday.

Chen said high spectrum cost though remains the big challenge for India as it prepares to go 5G, and improving spectrum efficiency would be a critical challenge for telcos.

“When China opened its economy to the outside world some 20-30 years ago, there was a popular refrain that if one has the right mindset, a solution would emerge and overcome any challenge, and I believe the Modi government and India’s telecom industry have enough wisdom to handle the 5G spectrum challenge,” the Huawei India CEO said.

Chen was speaking at a time when the Centre is yet to take a final call on whether Huawei would be allowed to participate in 5G trials and supply 5G network gear commercially in India.

Network security in the 5G context, he said, is “a technical issue, not a political one,” which people in the Indian government are increasingly aware of.

Chen also emphasised that 5G technology is also a lot more secure than 2G, 3G, or 4G due to its unique architecture, ad its encryption codes can only be broken by quantum computers of the future.

Network security challenges, he said, can be handled by framing universal security standards, equipment testing and even thrashing out legal arrangements.

Huawei India’s CEO said there is no time to lose as there are already 26 commercial 5G networks worldwide as we speak, which is likely to rise to 60 by the year-end, adding that there would also be 1 million 5G base stations in China alone by next year.

Huawei’s focus, he said, is in developing 5G use cases and the 5G ecosystem for India.

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