Can enrol for BJP on NaMo App too, get welcome email from PM Modi

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NEW DELHI: The BJP has opened a membership option on the Narendra Modi Mobile App (NaMo App) to attract young voters and those among the 10-million people who have downloaded the App but who may not have enrolled as BJP members. This is part of the membership drive kicked off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Varanasi on Saturday.

Those enrolling through the App or through other sources (through a phone call) will get an email from Modi welcoming them to the party, BJP functionaries handling the membership drive told ET.

“Welcome to the BJP family. Your becoming a BJP member will significantly strengthen the party. Thanks to the blessings of the people of India and the hard work of countless karyakartas (workers), the BJP has become India’s preferred party. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Kutch to Kohima, people have blessed the BJP in record numbers,” states an email being sent in the PM’s name to the new members. ET has seen the email.

“You are joining a family of karyakartas who have selflessly devoted themselves to nation-building for decades. Ours is a party not lured by the temptation of power but is guided by the high ideals of service,” the email adds.

The PM’s email to new members further says that guided by the motto of ‘Nation First, party next, self last’ and inspired by the ideal of serving the very last person in the queue, the BJP seeks to empower every Indian, especially the poor and downtrodden. “We are proud to be representing the energy and aspirations of 130-crore Indians. Our nation’s history motivates us, our cultural heritage strengthens us, our principles guide us, our cadre drives us. Together, let us build a New India that is strong, prosperous and inclusive…the nation our brave freedom fighters dreamt of,” the email says.

There are 10 million downloads of the NaMo App so far. The App also offers an option to users to add the names of his family members to the party’s membership cadre. The App offers enrolment in all regional languages and asks for details like mandal or district of each enrolling member, besides sending him a One-Time-Password (OTP) on his mobile number to re-confirm the new member’s identity.

“Many on the NaMo App are not BJP members but who wish to stay updated on the PM’s speeches and engagements –– the App route can bring in such people as BJP members. Also, details being sought from them will help us keep such people engaged in party activities when something happens in their mandal/district rather than them being just members on paper. The membership drive is aimed at a 360-degree engagement of new members with BJP’s activities,” a party functionary said.

BJP also started a Twitter campaign whereby liking or retweeting one particular tweet of the BJP would enrol one as a member and a membership card will be generated online with the person’s photograph. The user will update his other details thereon.
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