BJP-RSS Playing With Fire By Attacking JK Special Status: NC

India News

SRINAGAR — Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Tuesday said the party will not allow BJP, RSS and their proxies succeed in nefarious plans to abrogate the special status of the state, saying any attack on the state’s identity is akin to playing with fire.

NC general secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar said, “I warn the fascist and communal forces against any such misadventure to fiddle with the special constitutional status of the state. Any such misadventure aimed at abridging the special status of the state will have far reaching consequences; the move will put the state to flames. Abrogating Article 370 will nullify Maharaja’s accession with the union of India. It is the Art 370 that sanctify the bond between New Delhi and Srinagar. Any stride on the special status of the state will put a question mark on the connection of the state with the union of India.”

Sagar said that BJP, RSS should stop parroting the impish demand of abrogating the special status of the state. “Such reckless rants will inadvertently brew anger in the state. The need of the hour is to bridge the gaps of mistrust between the center and the state, unfortunately nothing significant is being done towards removing the cobwebs of mistrust between the center and the state. As far as our party is concerned, we would not be deterred in our mission in protecting the state’s special status by the continuous ranting of the BJP and RSS,” he said.

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