Unnatural SP-BSP Alliance in U.P. Benefiting the BJP

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Visible turn of events: A number of leaders from the Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) alliance are leaving and joining their rival the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The duo of Akihilesh and Mayawati seem to be helpless as their leaders get poached by BJP right before elections. They are unable to do similar poaching.

The reason behind the exodus:

Political analysts have pointed out that the SP-BSP alliance is not compatible under the present circumstances. This is attributed to :

  • an age-old feud between SP-BSP,
  • the alliance between the SP and the BSP is an unnatural alliance.
  • this may be only an opportunistic move on part of the junior leaders of party who have been denied tickets,
  • the people can not tolerate an alliance between the SP and the Congress in the UP assembly elections, but this alliance between the two rival parties SP and BSP is totally unacceptable even to the party leaders.

Thus these leaders are now switching their loyalties at the last moment. It simultaneously weakens the efforts of SP-BSP and strengthens the prospects of the BJP. It seems that the SP-BSP alliance is not doing enough for the grass root level party leaders and workers.

U.P. Battle

Total Seats – 80

Opinion polls as of now predict:

BJP- 40

SP-BSP – 38

Congress – 2

This may soon change given the switching of loyalties.

The first stage of the Lok Sabha elections will complete on April 11 but the exodus of leaders from the SP-BSP coalition to the BJP  is showing no signs of slowing down.

It appears that the BJP has opened all its doors for the SP, BSP and Congress leaders in order to march ahead of its opponents.

Former UP sports minister and Mulayam aide Ram Sakal Gurjar has joined the the BJP. Following such a surprise migration, a lot more political leaders from the opposition parties seem set to enter into the BJP fold.

Ajaysheel Gautam, who was a minister in the BSP government, has joined the BJP a few days ago.

Former BSP Mayor candidate from Agra Digamber Singh Dhakrey and Umesh Sainthiya have joined the BJP.

In Samajwadi Party, former minister Ram Sakal Gurjar, former MLA Dr Rajendra Singh, former MLC Anurag Shukla and Nitin Gupta have joined the BJP.

Such a clear message is raising a question in political circles about the reason for such a mass exodus from both the SP and BSP.

Raisuddin, former Agra city president of the Samajwadi Party said that in the past week, six corporators have joined the BJP out of which two were from the Congress.

Former BSP MLA Dr Dharmpal Singh, Gutiyarilal Dubesh, Suraj Pal Singh and Bhagwan Singh Kushwah (all former MLAs), have joined the Congress in support of the Fatehpur Sikri candidate of the Congress and UPCC chief Raj Babbar.

Former UP minister from the BSP, Devender Singh Chillu resigned from the BSP to join the Congress.