Aravali on the Verge of extinction, 31 Mountains Disappear

India News

The world’s oldest mountain range – Aravali is in danger. 31 mountains of Aravali have disappeared.

Arawali Leftovers.

After non stop illegal mining for several decades.

Arawali means life. A strong wall against sand.

The Supreme Court has expressed strong displeasure with the government for illegal mining in Aravali. After the frequent strict observations of the court on the government, various agencies have probed the matter through Aravali yatra.

Guru Shikhar

The Aravallis are responsible for a large portion of north India getting rains. They have delicate ecological balance given that they are the oldest mountain range in India, dating back to even before the Himalayas were formed by the collision of the Indian peninsula to the Eaurasian landmass. But, the mining in the region is devastating the ecology and the species living there are struggling.

In the different regions between Alwar and Bhiwadi, at the Aravali’s 200 km long range only the stub is left now.

House of many species

Surprisingly, no government has ever shown seriousness on the fading lifestyles of Rajasthan. The Supreme Court had on Monday rebuked the state government and said that the state machinery has collapsed in the state. The officers have found hands with the illegal miners.

It is worth noting that earlier on October 23, 2018, the court had remarked: ‘Have people become Hanuman who took away the Aravali mountains?’