AgustaWestland: BJP turns PM Modi into Batman for bringing back Deepak Talwar in late-night swoop

India News

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is finding a new flavour for political commentary. Hours after India was able to convince the UAE to extradite Deepak Talwar, the BJP says it’s a Batman moment for the country.

In a tweet praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “swift” action against wanted criminals and fugitives, the BJP said the last time such swiftness was seen was in the Hollywood superhit Batman.

“Last time we saw such swift extradition, it was Batman extraditing Lau from Hong Kong and delivering him to Jim Gordon,” the BJP tweeted from its Twitter handle.

This was in reference to the late-night extradition of Deepak Talwar and Rajeev Saxena. Talwar is a corporate lobbyist while Saxena is an accused in the AgustaWestland case.

The BJP, made a valiant effort to up its youth connect with the Batman reference. The tweet was quoting a scene from the Christopher Nolan’s cult classic The Dark Knight, in which the caped crusader Batman (played by Christian Bale) in typical billionaire vigilante fashion flys to Hong Kong in his Wayne Enterprises private jet to bring Lau (the BJP misspelt it as Laura), a corrupt accountant in cahoots with the mob to justice. After a brilliantly shot action sequence, which shows Lau swinging from Bruce Wayne’s plane, Batman delivers a gift-wrapped Lau to Commissioner Jim Gordon (who is trying to prosecute the mob) office.

You can watch the iconic scene here:

Deepak Talwar and Rajeev Saxena will be in the custody of the Enforcement Directorate.

Heaping praise on PM Modi, the BJP quoted another line from Batman and said: “Everything is impossible until somebody does it.”

“This time it’s PM Narendra Modi.”

The Batman analogy also found flavour with Twitterati and BJP supporters. Many of them welcomed the BJP’s attempt at getting creative with its social media engagement, while some wondered if Karnataka BJP’s social media team has now been roped in to help the main handle.

Madhavan, a Twitter user, replied to the BJP’s tweet as: ‘You just earned my vote with that (Batman) analogy.”

Shivang Raina, another Twitter user, said: “Wow! Mentions of Batman and Lay. Looks like admin has surely been changed.”

However, there were others who felt the Batman analogy was forced upon and the majority in India will miss the message.

Sandesh Samant said, “Good. But try to give an analogy that can be understood by all Indians. Batman is watched by only creamy layer. Talk in people’s language.”

A Twitter user who goes by the initials SM said the Modi government cannot bring back “bigger fish” like Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi so it is going after smaller fish like these.

The extradition of Talwar and Saxena comes nearly a month after the Modi government was able to extradite AgustaWestland middleman and one of the main accused, Christian Michel from the UAE.

He is presently being interrogated by the ED and other agencies.

In a recent hearing in Delhi’s Patiala House Court, the ED had claimed that Michel has named one “Mrs Gandhi” (a reference to UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi).