Chidambaram’s statement on Mission Shakti contradicted by DRDO

India News

Recently, former finance minister and Congress leader P. Chidambaram had targeted the Modi government at the center over the mission Shakti. He had said that the ability to hit the satellite in space has been with us for many years. But then the wise government had kept this country’s capacity confidential.

Chidambaram had said that only a mindless government discloses the country’s defense capability.

However, the head of Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) Satish Reddy has reversed Chidambaram’s statement given on the mission Shakti. The DRDO chief said on Saturday that the nature of the mission Shakti is such that it can not be kept confidential in any situation. He told that the satellite is tracked through many stations around the world.

Reddy was asked whether it was approved by all the concerned institutions before telling about it during the election season. In response to this question, Reddy said that such a mission should not be technically concealed after the test. He said that all necessary approvals for this mission were taken. He said that America and China also gave information to the world after doing such tests.

Reddy said that India chose a very low class for mission Shakti so that global space properties are not threatened with debris. He said that the debris in space from the anti-satellite missile test will be completely destroyed within 45 days.