Madame Choudhary has her own way of fulfilling Sapna


Sapna in Hindi means a dream. For 45 glorious years Hema Malini carried the title of ‘Dream Girl.’ That ultimately catapulted her to become an M.P.

Popular Haryanvi singer-dancer Sapna Choudhary, 28, seems set to follow Hema’s footsteps.

She has beauty as well as brains. She made full use of contemporary technology available which is popularly called ‘social media’. Other ladies of her age group also try the same, have the same desires but results vary; it is Sapna who seems to have surged ahead in the race leaving her competitors distant seconds or thirds. That’s why they say, ‘Nothing succeeds like success.’

She now has got the craze of Tik Tak video these days. She keeps sharing her tick-tak videos with her fans regularly.

Well, this is not the first time that Sapana Chaudhary has shared her tick-tak video, but she has earlier shared another video with her Instagram for her fans, which they liked very much. Sapana is shared not just for her dance videos but also for her comedy videos.

sapnaSapna Chaudhary  has shared another video on her Instagram. She is seen dancing on the Punjabi song, Dhahiya Way. Like every time, Sapna Chaudhary looks very beautiful and cute in this video too. Her songs, dance and her expressions appear very delightful in the song. So this video reflects the charm of Madam Chaudhary. The comparison with Hema’s Kathak ends here. The situation is that as soon as the video is uploaded, the video is immediately and organically liked, praised and shared by millions of her loyal fans and followers. For Sapna, this is sufficient.

Sapna Chaudhari is now a well known name today. After a stint at the Bigg Boss venture, this is her way of stepping in the glamorous Bollywood. On her terms. Every self-respecting artist yearns to see this day. Now, in case of Sapna, it will the producers who will be seen lined up at her doors for seeking a date. Not the other way round as thousands of other glamour aspirants do. The producers, too, will have a much cheaper and economical option in Choudhary to fulfill their Sapna as compared to the present reining lot of Alia, Deepika, or Kangana. With the understanding that Sapna will become a great star one day, producers’ expectations for Sapna are high.

Earlier, the public and the producers had endured Katrina, Priyanka, and others. In the meantime, Alia did very well to buy costly properties for herself with her hard earned money. See the story  The Rise and Rise of Alia Bhatt  which inspires the Sapnas.

Everybody is in awe today by the name of Sapna Chaudhary whose magic of her dance moves is reflected in her professional moves. The Daya Ben role for the popular Tarak Mehta TV serial is already hers.

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Today everyone wants to just get a glimpse of her. Whenever a dance video of Sapna Chaudhary is released, it does not take long to become viral, and everyone likes that video. Another video of Sapna Chaudhary has already gone viral. The specialty of this video is the special effects used in it. Sapna has danced so well that her fans go berserk just by watching her.

Sapna Chaudhary often shares her videos on her Instagram account. She has to thank such electronic media for providing her the necessary platform to showcase her virtues. Whenever she uploads a video, her fans love the video very much and they re-share it too.

She made her debut in Bollywood with an item number Hatt Ja Tau in Veerey Ki Wedding.
In Bhojpuri movies, she performed in a song -‘Mere Samne Aake’ for Ravi Kishan starrer Bairi Kangana 2.
She has also featured in ‘Tere Thumke Sapna Choudhary’ from Abhay Deol starrer Nanu Ki Janu and a song titled Love Bite.
But it was her dance on popular Haryanvi song ‘Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal’ which got her instant fame and recognition.