Happy Birthday, Deepti ! You Will Always be Admired by Your Fans



In 1977 one talented actress emerged in Bollywood. Deepti Naval began her career with the film ‘Jallianwala Bagh’. Today, she is celebrating her 67th birthday. (February 3).

Deepti Naval is among those Indian actresses who starred in films which gave her a different identity. In a career spanning almost three decades, Deepti Naval starred in dozens of films which proved to be unique milestones for Hindi cinema.

These include many films like ‘Ek Baar Phir’, ‘Ankahi’, ‘Bavandar, ‘Leela’, and ‘Firak’. On one side, where Deepti Naval had become the first choice of every producer-director, while on the other side her personal life didn’t prosper as much as she had liked.

Deepti married director Prakash Jha in 1985. He had directed her in ‘Hip-Hip Hurray”. But after 17 years, her marriage broke and got divorced in 2002. Both have an adopted daughter Disha. She is today making a career in singing. She has worked as a costume designer in her father’s film ‘Rajniti’. Though divorced, both Prakash and Deepti maintain good relations between them.

After the divorce, Vinod Pandit, son of the classical singer Pandit Jasraj, came in the life of Deepti Naval. Deepti was very happy then, thinking that everything was going to be fine.

The engagement of Deepti Naval and Vinod Pandit was also done and suitable dates for marriage were being discussed. But destiny had something else in store for Deepti.

Vinod Pandit was a cancer patient. He couldn’t marry Deepti and died. Crestfallen, Deepti took every such sorrow in her stride and did not marry again.

Deepti Nawal was considered very close to the famous actor Farooq Sheikh, her co-star in ‘Chasme Badur’, ‘Saath Saath’, and ‘Katha’. When Deepti heard the news of Farooq Sheikh’s demise from Shabana Azmi in December 2013, she wept a lot.

Happy Birthday, Deepti ! You will always be remembered and admired by your fans.