Sapna Choudhary to play Daya Ben


You must have seen the dance videos of Sapna Chaudhary, people like Sapna Chaudhary’s dance very much and whenever they have a stage show, people in large numbers come to see her show. But do you know that not only dance but Sapna Chaudhary can also act.

Yes … you are accustomed to see the dance videos of Sapna Chaudhary, but these days the discussions of Sapna Chaudhary’s acting skills are getting bigger.

Recently, Sapna Chaudhary shared a tik-tak video on her Instagram account, in which she appears to speak the dialogues of Taraka Mehta’s Ulta Chashma’s famous character Daya Ben.

This video is being liked very much since its  upload. And this video is being shared with fans of Sapna Chaudhary.

Watch this video of Sapna Chaudhary ..

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Sapna Chaudhary likes the Tik Tak these days.. Sapna Chaudhary is fond of sharing tick-tak videos on her instagram account these days. Recently, Sapna Chaudhary shared the tick tak video on social media. Everyone laughed  and people have praised the great performance of Sapna Chaudhary.