Bihar Elections: NDA shall have a cakewalk

Elections 2019 Update. Bihar. LS Polls Fact file: 1999: NDA won 41 out of 54 seats in combined Bihar.  2009: BJP-JDU combine won 32 out of 40 seats. Lalu was the rail mantri and won only four seats. 2014: BJP fought without JDU and won 31 seats. Lalu won four seats 2019: JDU joins the […]

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Maharashtra Election Update: BJP Rides Easy

Election 2019 Update: Mahrashtara. India’s commercial capital, Mumbai, is abuzz with heavy political activity nowadays. Campaigning has peaked and strategists are working into the night for their respective parties to understand their opponents’ moves as the city prepares for polling on April 29 as part of the country’s general elections. Mumbai and the coastal Konkan […]

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